Do you have aging parents? Have you noticed them becoming more needy as they age? Have you talked to them about creepy stuff like what they’d want to have happen at the end of their lives?

Then check out “Dementia Sucks: A Caregiver’s Journey – With Lessons Learned” on ExpertsNetwork!

Recorded in bite-sized, on demand chunks, this series will answer your toughest questions: How does this happen? Why didn’t I see this coming? What do I need to do to protect my folks, my kids and myself? Am I already a caregiver?

Learn why it’s so hard to see these things coming, why certain conversations have to be had in spite of the difficulty and why the right professionals can save your life.

And if you’re someone who likes having real printed books to refer to, check out “Dementia Sucks.” It’s pretty inexpensive and worth its weight in gold for all the nuggets of wisdom inside.

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